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  • Spicydiva4sho

    I want to know how much would I need to send for 6bks plus taxes&shipping and handling? THE 6BKS I AM LOOKING TO ORDER ARE INNOCENT, YOU KNEW BETTA, BETRAYED AGAIN, BABYGRL1&2, STILL SHEISTY.I LIVE IN TENN.

  • KathyMartin

    I want to order ten books of the new Boss book and one of the new Vickie M. Stringer book. Can I get a discount?

  • melissa

    i am trying to start a book club with co-workers and friend i was inquiring about a price and discount on wholesale books i live in illinois 

  • Calvinlsr

    How can I sell a novel to this company? 

  • Csilbourne

    I placed an order with you guys on March  26,2012 for the book Gangsta by Kwan and until now I  have yet to receive my book, however you guys took payment from my credit card and my book has not arrived everytime I call the office no one is ever there.  I would like to know what happened and if you do not have the book please refund my money, this is so not good for business.  I have left messages with my contact information and no one has gotten back to me.  I can be reached at 954-815-6274. Hope to hear from someone soon.

  • Trumaine0124

    i ordered 3 books and i received 2 books but i have yet to get my other book and the free one can i please get my books it’s been almost a year i call no one contact me back can you please call me at 2817067516

  • Cheaanme

    i ordered 3 book and i haven’t got any of them yet and i ordered them in march  

  • Money

    G STREET CHRONICLES. http://Www.Gstreetchronicles.com go here this is a new publishing company out of Atlanta they got some good books.



  • Lmsbooks

    my name Lamar Simmons I have been writing fir the last ten years I have about 5 books I’m trying to get published if you can ne of assistance to me my email lmsbooks@ yahoo.com

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/3XTRXGJ2ERXRLRTTM2TV67UQMQ Gerald

    my husband is upstate, i would like to directly send him books. are there any book packages with like 15 or 20 books for a bundle price ,i can send. Thanks Eyanni

  • Barriolife13

    Just got out of the feds and while in there I wrote 3 urban novels about barrio life am trying to get published. ne assistance will b appreciated. Send 2 barriolife13@yahoo.com

  • Lolalee500

    I love triple crown pub. I would like to write a book myself. any advice?

  • ojitos

    i was just released from the feds myself and i cant have done my time without some great books to read thanks to all you authors for your books i love them all

  • ECURTIS1188

    I just was released from prison on new years’ day and have one novel complete while on the verge of completing my second. I’ve received  rave reviews behind the walls and would love if anyone would share any publishing/agent advice.I can be reached at Ecurtis1188@gmail.com. Thanks a lot and for those     fans,keep reading!

  • Amandahannnick381

    does anybody know where to go to see your order after you paid? I cant find it….

  • kamern

    i was in rehab for along time and i needed to past the time thanks triple crown you inspired me to try to write my first urban fiction book

  • Street Fiction

    check out all the Triple Crown books, author interviews and more at http://www.streetfiction.org/

  • Alicia Joiner

    I recently placed an order on april 25th and I hv yet to receive my order can i please just be refunded my money I no longer want the books. My contact info is 6016659060, my name is alicia joiner

  • http://www.facebook.com/hottrodd305 Rod Pruitt

    I ordered books and I cant even check the status….I have rec them…I am in the process of having this company investigated….please contact me at:7862027855….Roderick pruitt

  • karen

    Hey i just got released from prison i placed several orders for over $1000 have yet to receive they keep giving my daughter the run around now the mail book is full therefore no message can be left what is really going on.

  • stephanie

    I order books back in may ,, And I still haven’t received them I dnt want the books I just want my money back I can be reach at stucker503@gmail

  • Author/Publisher Yancey Uriah

    Please contact me I will help you anyway I can, you have to be very carful with some of these publishing house. look me up on facebook Author Yancey Uriah. I have a small publishing company and will be more than happen to share any info I have for free. It’s about helping one another. you can also email me at yanceyuriahwrites@yahoo.com

  • pierre Johnson

    my name is Pierre JOHNSON from Detroit and im fighting to break into the industry..I believe that working with u guys will help me to become a even better writer then I already am.I would like to talk with someone regarding my manuscripts. u can reach me at baggrunna313@gmail.com



  • Yolanda Alcorn

    My name is Yolanda Alcorn I placed an order for Brian Delandro in November of 2013 and he still hasn’t received the books. I spent $61.00 that was debited from my card please send the books are my payment. It is WRONG to steal people money that way. You publish books and people read them you place them in stores and people buy them so don’t take money this way over the internet, it’s not worth it and it won’t be worth it when your empire crumble the price you pay on the other end is going to be far more greater in the end. I’m going to send this message out and have stores boycotted wherever your books are sold there are enough compliant’ s with the better business bureau to file a petition against you so please don’t try it I can be contacted via a real email address and a working number unlike your publishing company that bogus information in you books for contact information. I can be reached via email: aroseyrs@bellsouth.net and phone: 504-904-9838.

  • DLana M

    I ordered books the beginning of last month and still haven’t received them every number that is listed does not work. I ordered other books from Amazon and received them weeks ago. If this company not going to send the books please refund me my 61.00 dollars. I can be reached at missbri220@gmail.com

  • reginald daughty

    i have order two books i havent receive it yet i want to know where it and who can i call

  • slimskitchen

    How many books do I have to buy to get a wholesale price?

  • loc

    Do anybody know how to get in touch with the people after you’ve ordered your books?

  • mr Diamond flawless

    Added to the list Diamond flawless author maceo mays

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