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Become A Triple Crown Author | 2011 Submission Guidelines

Triple Crown Publications publishes ONLY urban fiction. All manuscripts which are not considered urban fiction according to the TCP editorial department will be recycled and will not be reviewed. We only accept completed novels. Partial novels or chapter samples will be recycled and will not be reviewed. Your submission must clearly display your name, address, and phone number(s) and email address (if applicable) so that we may easily contact you.

Manuscripts must be typed, double-spaced and bound. No exceptions. Manuscripts which are not typed, double-spaced or bound will be recycled and will not be reviewed. We require the entire novel accompanied by a cover letter, synopsis and chapter outline. * The cover letter should introduce the author and explain why he believes his book should be published under the three crowns. Please submit a word count. * The synopsis should be a short (one page) but complete summary of the book. Give the plot line away, no surprises please!*

The chapter outline should cover what happens in the book in short bullet points, chapter by chapter. Simpler formatting is better! We do not accept electronic submissions. We cannot return any submissions. Please keep a copy of your manuscript. It may take anywhere from 1-12 months to review your submission. We thank you for your patience! Mail your completed submission to: Triple Crown Publications

c/o Submissions Department
PO Box 247378
Columbus, OH 43224
Any questions or concerns may be directed to the Submissions Department,

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