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Street Love
Triple Crown Anthology
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Street Love

The Love of Drama… The Love of The Game… The Love of Freedom… The Love of Money… The Love of Family… Street Love Join five of Triple Crown’s hottest Best-Selling Authors as each twists a tale of life, death, happiness, heartache and Street Love. Keisha Ervin’s After the Storm Mo and Quan have been together for eight years and they’ve survived it all. But a storm is approaching and all of the secrets they’ve kept are about to be revealed. This time, will Mo and Quan be able to weather the storm? Danielle Santiago’s Allure of the Game Arnessa is on the come-up, making moves and moving weight, attracting the unwanted attention of Suef, whose blocks are hit hard due to Arnessa’s success. When Suef threatens Cenise, Arnessa’s little sister, Arnessa focuses all her energy on eliminating the threat. Preoccupied with Suef, will the Allure of the Game claim Cenise when Arnessa least expects it? Quentin Carter’s The Fink When Phelix Mitchell is released from prison 25 years early after testifying against his best friend, he finds out something that he was told as a child Nobody likes a tattle tale is more than just a saying. Consumed by guilt, Phelix makes the ultimate sacrifice to try to right a wrong. T. Styles’ Cold as Ice Pepper Thomas is a straight A student living in a rough part of Southeast Washington DC., who manages to stay away from drugs, violence and crime. That is, until next door neighbor and drug dealer Ice’s home is robbed. With newfound evidence that can be held for ransom, can Pepper be as Cold as Ice? Leo Sullivan’s B-More Love Ashley is an innocent high school senior about to enter college. Jamal is a young thug, born and bred in Baltimore’s West Port Projects. Ashley dislikes the thug, refusing his desire to help when Ashley’s mother becomes ill. However, a tragic event brings the two together and in order for Ashley’s mother to have a chance at living – someone must die!

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Reading Level:Young Adult(Age 13+)
Cover Type:Paperback
Page Content:336 pages
Product Dimensions:8.4 x 5.6 x 0.8 inches
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About the Author

Triple Crown Anthology

  • Sharnesha Anderson

    I love the story about mo and quan. . . it was interesting and breath taking.When I read Allure of the game i was like aww. . .and i knew i had to get that book and find out the ending. . .can’t wait to read it

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