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Mr. & Ms. Boss
Lakeisha Butler
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Mr. & Ms. Boss

Bo$$, the handsome drug lord will do anything to aide in the transportation of his drugs from overseas back to the states, even if it risk the life’s of gullible women.

It’s said beside every good man is a ride or die chick. Maliyah the ride or die beauty remembered the day she met Donnie Boss. What she assumed to be the best day of her life will soon turn tragic after she says the two words every women dreams of, I do. Maliyah soon learns her marriage is consumed with drama, deceit, and scandal. Trading what once was a good life, her pride, and dignity to carry the name Mrs. Bo$$. The question remains is the husband/drug lord nothing more than the enemy himself?

It pays to be the Bo$$, as such, Maliyah catches a federal indictment, loses her best friend, and learns the hard way the God son she once loved is also her Stepson. Maliyah has to make the hard decision of testifying against the man that put a ring on it, or be a real ride or die chick.

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Reading Level:Young Adult(Age 13+)
Cover Type:Paperback
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Product Dimensions:8.4 x 5.4 x 1.1 inches
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About the Author

Lakeisha Butler

  • M Collins0118

    Great book!!!!!!

  • M Collins0118

    MR & MRS. BOSS ……. Mrs. Boss that is so me!!!! Forreal get this yo…

  • janelle reyes

    never heard of this author is she new? what inspired you Mrs. Butler to write this story? I am so drawn to this book i will indeed get it :) something tells me there will be lots more good books coming from you soon so with that said i will be on the lookout for your next novel :)

    • Mrandmrsbossthenovel

      Thanks Janelle for all your kind words!!  I am a new author and Mr. & Mrs. Boss is my debut novel.Being a woman and a mother of two girls that will soon grow to be women have inspired me to write this story.  When someone read a Lakiesha Butler novel you will definitely get a positive message from the story. 
      Mr. & Mrs. Boss is my baby and I know everyone will fall in love with Maliyah, Mrs. Boss. Stay on the lookout for more good reads from Lakiesha Butler…. Again, Thanks for all your support. Enjoy Mr. & Mrs. Boss….. Get ready to cry and laugh :)

      • Kinagirl

        Hello Ms. Butler. I have been trying to find ur book at Amazon so I can get it on my kindle. What’s the hold up? Your book sounds really good.

  • Dw

    this your boy bo from el monte i have been trying to catch up with u my number is 626-549-8442 holla at ya boy

  • M Collins0118

    The cover is on point!!

  • SusieThompson

    #Team Nook!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kivenwillis

    If you dont pre order your copy now it might not be on the shelf when you trying to go buy it! #SellOut

  • TraciWilliams

    Hurry TCP!! I want this novel on Nook

  • Queendom320

    KINDLE please…..

  • MissKelliMarshal

    when will this be available on kindle?

  • AaliyahM3precious

    Pay Day next Friday And I’m ordering this!!!!! I swear reading what this book is about and I swear this shit sounds like her like. I mean like for real it’s scary. Love the cover too Mrs. Lakeisha Butler. Keep up the good work. We need more authors like TCP. Write about some real shit and not none off this crazy ass publishing compAny’s be putting out.
    TCP bring that fire shit!!

  • AaliyahM3precious

    This book sounds like my best friend’s life. Crazy!! Gotta have this book. Is this book available at Walmart or any book stores?

  • Sunshine29501

    Team Nook!!! Please put on Ebook!!!

  • Walketh

    How do I get this on Nook? why are there no triple crown books in ebook format?

  • Kahdijah Jackson

    I luvd the book wasn’t to thrilled wit the end i think it should have been a part 2 ###im jus sayn

  • Cleveland


  • ♥♥everybodys enemy♥♥

    omg this book was the best gangsta book i ever read best sex scenes in i also wasn’t thrilled of the ending it should’ve been a second part

  • ♥♥everybodys enemy♥♥

    but a pat on the back for ms.lakeisha butler

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