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Mistress of the Game
Sherrie Walker
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Mistress of the Game

Elise, Aparis and LaKiesha have been best friends since their pre-teen years at St. Henry s Orphanage where, under the harshest circumstances, they forge a bond that is to last a lifetime. Upon their escape, the hard lessons and rules for survival learned at the orphanage set the stage for their entry and rapid success in a do-or-die game in the Cleveland streets. The girls try to forget the painful events that orphaned them as they rise to the top, but fate forces them to face the Ghosts of their haunted past. With Elise as the beautiful mastermind and brains behind the organization, the three women plunge into a ruthless battle against their faceless, relentless enemy in a winner-take-all war to the finish.

Product Details

Reading Level:Young Adult(Age 13+)
Cover Type:Paperback
Page Content:350 pages
Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 5.6 x 1 inches
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About the Author

Sherrie Walker

  • Vklpn03

    This book was a page turner. I could not stop reading this book, the author was very skillful when it came to having twist and turns and mouth dropping plots. I would definitely read more of her books. Because this book was based in Cleveland, Ohio which is were I am from, I could picture every area and scene she was describing Its a must read!!!

  • Lawyer702

    read this while i was locked up it took me just 4 hrs that girl elise is a real ryde or die bitch any real nigga in the game out the game shit even if you never been in the game type of women you need

  • Ch3ytov3y

     Truthfully, this novel was intense…… Every emotions each character portrayed; I’ve felt as if I was in the book to. Elise is a down to earth, ride or die- She handled business extremely well after Que’s tragic death. She was a women of pure faith and courageousness; To kill a man at the tender age of 13 brought me an immense interest in this book. Aparis, Lakeisha and Elise proven to that blood is no thicker then water, these brave young women were warriors to the game. This book was an thrilling page tuner; I couldn’t resist to put it down ! I’m very impressed how Sherrie skillfully tied each word to create such a detailed image in your head. I’m 13 and thought this was one of the best book’s I’ve read so far……

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  • Coasta

    this was a one dayer!!! i loved how the chicks came together and they handled they bussiness to the fullest!

  • NIKKEV25


  • BookWorm

    Does anyone know her biography?

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    Watch now Mistress Girls on -> http://www.liveprodomme.com ,,

  • NikkyWilliams513

    I love this book,the “author” is a very talented women.I read this while it was still in it’s rough draft phase…Gotta love it…waiting on a sequel

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