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For years, Lou-Loc – an efficient assassin and O.G. of the Crip organization – did dirt. After dancing on the razorÂ’s edge, he becomes weary of the street life that consumed him during his years of service to his set. He begins to wonder, Is there a better way to make a living? Lou-Loc and his sociopath counterpart, “Gutter”, leave L.A for the colorful streets of New York. Lou-Loc has dreams of becoming a writer. Gutter has dreams of becoming a King Pin. Conflicting, intriguing and suspenseful – this novel will keep you on the edge of your seat.

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Reading Level:Young Adult(Age 13+)
Cover Type:Paperback
Page Content:198 pages
Product Dimensions:8.4 x 5.6 x 0.7 inches
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  • toneee

    great book ! loved it 

  • Eboni Smith

    I cried at the end of this. Loved it

  • keisha lee

    This was really a great book, the author pulled me in and had me feeling like I knew the characters personally. I guess that’s the point though because it really touches home.

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