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Dirtier Than Ever
Vickie M Stringer
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Dirtier Than Ever

Following the phenomenal success of Essence bestsellers Dirty Red and Still Dirty, Vickie M. Stringer takes readers on another bumpy ride in Dirtier Than Ever with Red, Bacon, and Q—the crazy love-hate triangle who makes the series a favorite among urban fiction fans.

Q wished that Bacon had killed Red when he had the chance. Red knew that Q’s career as a hustler was over and he was counting on starting a new legit business with the money he had made. He had once believed her when she promised that the money didn’t mean a thing and she would give it all up to be with him.

Bacon returns from prison and suddenly Q is left for dead. With Q out of the picture, Bacon now has Red to himself. His sights are set on being the top hustler with Red by his side. He believes Red has fi nally changed when she reveals the truth about her past.

But all comes to a head when the snooping detective, Thomas, suspects Red’s involvement in Q’s getting shot and the murder of Zeke, Q’s best friend. With two murders, a tumultuous love affair, and money on her mind, Red must make a decision . . . does she turn over a new leaf or revisit her dirty ways of old?

Gritty, steamy, and intense, Stringer delivers another page-turning caper about a hustler in high heels who is Dirtier Than Ever.

Product Details

Reading Level:Young Adult(Age 13+)
Cover Type:Paperback
Page Content:287 pages
Product Dimensions:9.1 x 6.1 x 0.9 inches
Shipping Weight: 1 pounds(View shipping Rates)

About the Author

Vickie M Stringer
Vickie M. Stringer is the publisher of Triple Crown Publications, one of the most successful African-American book publishers in the country and abroad. She has been featured in many magazines and newspapers such as The New York Times, Newsweek, Essence, and Black Enterprise. She lives in Columbus, Ohio, with her son and newborn baby.

  • Sirwilliamsjr

    This Series Was The Best I Read But The Way It Ended I Still See Room For A Part 4 Dont Let Catfish Be The End Of It How Red Gon Give Up Dat Easy Afta All She Did Come On Now. 

  • Diamond

    you are the shit. i would love to work under you in your company as a writer. some people are greedy, and work off luck, you work on faith. and i appreciate your skill with the pen and pad.

  • Chavonm84


    Please tell me their is another part to this book coming out! Red is my B**** she gotta come out on top!!!

  • dominique

    as much as i cant stand Red i just have to know when the next book will be out! Keep em comin miss Vickie!

  • Taylor

    Still Waiting For Part Four Mam :-) I Need A Better Ending Than Catfish Knocking At That The Door -_- Bring On The Next Book 

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jennifer-Arroyo/1333932388 Jennifer Arroyo

                Amazing, captivating, suspenseful, Epic, these are the words that best describe Dirtier Than Ever. Allow me to be different, this novel is the s**t, point blank period! Vickie Stringer has done it again, and this time the twists and scenarios are even more thrilling. Raven Gomez is dirtier than ever, she utilizes her wits and skills to get revenge on those that tried to get the best of her. Red is a manipulating, smart and conniving beauty that is incomparable to any character in another book. She is the reigning queen of revenge. Vickie has created this novel that makes you feel apart of Red’s world, you can feel her pain, her hunger to reach the top and also get inside her vindictive state of mind.                Have you ever read a novel that gets boring by the third book? What makes this book AMAZING is that when reading this, that “first time” feeling overcomes you! I couldn’t get the book out of my face; I finished the book within a day and a half, which is the reason why I say this book is CAPTIVATING!              Do you always guess what’s going to happen next when you’re reading a book? I am a book psychic but I couldn’t figure out what is going to happen next for the life of me! There are so many twists and turns but the pieces were put together so gracefully! SUSPENCEFUL is actually an understatement; the plots will leave you in awe.                Vickie has masterminded a novel that is beyond EPIC. This novel is like no other. Vickie paints a vivid picture of Reds struggle and why she is the way she is. I have no doubt in my mind that book 4 is going to be as phenomenal as the first 3 books. Red has come along way losing and gaining what she’s worked for, taken and put her life on the line for, and she won’t stop until she has eliminated everyone her path that stops her from succeeding! Ms. Stringer has proven with this novel that she and Ms. Red are the reigning queens of doing the game DIRTY!!

  • Cherise Fisher

    Please, Please give us more!!! You are awesome and this was a page turner at its best!! Thank You!!

  • Destinyjordan2010

    catfish can NOT end the book give us  a part 4!

  • Captain Kingshit

    Have you heard of book burning?  Its a old tradition, but sometimes I think publishers like this should go ahead and just burn the classics and fill all of the book shelves of the world with these thoughtful gems on Triple crown publications.  Fuck Roots, Fuck Native Son, Fuck The Mis-education of the Negro… I GOT DIRTIER THAN EVER, bitches.  Fuck yo classics, these books is FIYA!

  • j3ss1ka

    Loved Dirty Red… Went on to buy Still Dirty & Dirty as Ever…. Very pleased with my purchases. Will continue to read more from this author!!!! :) I recommend all three books!

    I would recommend a fourth, come on with it Vickie! There’s a high demand for more of Red!

  • Martin_kamala

    their isa high demand of more of Red.Especially for your readers that are incarcerated…..

  • Elsie Sharpe

    iam so glade that you have put out these other two books dirty red was off the hook

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QSDSHDCJRTSVQTXOL2HFEW2LEU Suns Shine allDtime

    Ms. Vicky, I hope you know that you have an amazing following of your work. We need you in the literary world! Keep doin whatcha doin girl…Your fans love you!!!

  • Bruneickasincere

    Still waiting on part 4 of Dirty Red. You can’t leave us hanging like this. Do you have any idea when it will come out?

  • Jus4shy

    Just read all 3 books for the second time!!! Gotta stay up on the series cause I know your not going to leave us hanging. I mean come on how you gonna make Catfish be the end of Red? She’s way better then that. Sorry to say but I’d rather have Q or even her mom get at her but definitely not Catfish….PLEASE don’t leave us in suspense any longer

  • patty

    Just finished reading Dirty Red and Still Dirty………now I can’t wait to read Dirty as Ever and Imagine This…………..keep up the great work…..enjoyed your boods very much.

  • Brianne J. Smith

    I’m  doing a survey for school. What draws the readers to urban books?

  • Mrs James954

    OMG is all I can say. Please tell me that you are working on #4???

  • Edna Peel

    This was yet again an AWESOME read. Movie, please. Congratulations on yet another best seller. I love hating ” Dirty Red”!

  • Maemae_stone

    can we get another book??? #dirtyred

  • Sandy

    I read dirty red and loved it?  Can I read Diriter than Ever or do I need to read Still Dirty first?

  • kirby celestine

    i love thses books for years now and for ever oh dont like thesebooks  there is damnn fool 

  • Deniseka12

    I am so upset, I have read all 3 books absolutely loved them but the ending of
    Dirtier Than Ever. I will not allow my mind to accept the ending. I think there
    should be a 4th book. Please I’m begging. You can’t do that to Red even though she is rotten she is a survivor. I need more!!!!!!

  • Brooke

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE DIRTY RED SERIES!!!! I have been watching for you t do a book signing so I can get my copy signed. Unfortunately I have not seen any such hope. It really saddens me because we live in the same city and It would make me elated to ave a chance to have my book signed by you. I have read all of your books and a lot of the other authors you publish. Maybe one day i will get to meet my idol and have my book signed. I can’t wait to see what you have i store for us next. 😀

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