picture of Deadly Secrets
Deadly Secrets
Vonnie Coates
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Deadly Secrets

Raised by the violent and unforgiving streets from the time he was a small child, 19-year-old ”Killah” Keyon Wilkerson is among New Orleans’ most fearsome criminals. But like any other hardened criminal, Keyon has a weak spot: women. After the sexy, sultry Reyna swindles her way into his life and then into his heart, he’s finally ready to settle down and get out of the game. But the streets won’t let him go that easily. If they can’t get to Keyon then they’ll settle for the next best thing … his heart. After finding out that there’s a quarter-million dollar bounty on his head, Keyon doesn’t seem the slightest bit phased. He always knew that his cutthroat mentality would one day catch up to him … but he never expected Reyna to lose her life behind his actions. Upon learning that a crew from Columbus, Ohio was hired to do the contract hit, he’s hellbent on revenge. He immediately packs up and heads straight to the source. Once there, he finds himself competing with one of the deadliest gangs in the Midwest: The GMF Boyz. Keyon does his best to hold his own against the increasingly powerful GMF, but everything changes when he meets the younger sister of the GMF leader, a poisonous beauty who stirs up trouble for both sides. Keyon quickly finds himself battling the inner demons that tell him she’s no good, but his weakness for woman seems to outweigh his logical thinking. Will Keyon be able to survive – and then conquer – the GMF while harboring feelings for his closest enemy?

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Reading Level:Young Adult(Age 13+)
Cover Type:Paperback
Page Content:400 pages
Product Dimensions:8.4 x 5.4 x 1.1 inches
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About the Author

Vonnie Coates

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