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Black & Ugly
T. Styles
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Black & Ugly

Parade Knight hates her complexion. As a result, she considers herself to be unattractive and condones the misuse of her body. Sky Taylor is beautiful, fly and wanted, and loves reminding Parade of her imperfections especially after suspecting that she may be sleeping with her man, Jay Hernandez. Miss Wayne is hilarious and a self-proclaimed girlfriend who enjoys the attention his friends bring. If you let Miss Wayne tell it, he s not a gay, he s just one of the girls. Daffany Stans uses her body for profit and hides a health secret so serious that it could endanger the lives of her friends, considering their sex partners are so closely related. Black and Ugly is a tale of four totally different friends from the same block, whose friendship is tested during a seemingly innocent game of Truth or Dare. When fatal secrets begin to surface, will Parade give up the friend whose shadow she has walked in all her life? And will Miss Wayne and Daphne abandon their friends to save themselves?

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Reading Level:Young Adult(Age 13+)
Cover Type:Paperback
Page Content:256 pages
Product Dimensions:8.5 x 5.5 x 0.7 inches
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About the Author

T. Styles

  • Londonvoid

    Really good book, a must read.

  • keya

    This Book Was Really Good! I Think Toy Need To Make
    A Numba 2 To This Or Something, Like 4reals… But I Honestly Loved This Book And I Gotta Read Mo Of Toy’s Books…

  • keya

    Lmao Oh It Is A 2nd One Right?

  • Ms Alexus

    hi my name is Alexus Bennet im 18 and i read both black & ugly and black & ugly as ever. i loved the books and i wanted to know if it was pssible if you can make them into movies. the book is very interesting and just like the book harry potter and how they made it into a movie i think yall will make a good sell and even more i want to match the faces with the book thats how good it is.

    so please take your time and think about this because i would really appericated if you do…

    thank you,
    Alexus Bennett

    • princess t

      in case u did not know the author of the book is no longer with this company she started her own called cartel publications so u should go to that site and pitch it to her or u can find her on facebook and tell her how u feel about it

  • Kerihillson

    this is a goood book

  • Diva

    A really good book….I finished in 2 days. 

  • Neferhotep9

    My  friend came to me and said Jenn you got to read this book,So i did and it was soooooo good i took off of work to finish it,i read it in 2 days.

  • Honey–320

    I would like a kindle version of this book that I can buy on Amazon. It is just easier to carry my library with me electronically.

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