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Betrayed Again
David Givens
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Betrayed Again

Sherrice Valdez – a.k.a. The Queen Bee – is back, and this time she’s the one running things. The money, power and fame are all hers for the taking. All her good fortune isn’t without its setbacks, howevers. In the male dominated world of the drug trade she still has to prove her worth and navigate through all the beef and naysayers. On top of the new anti-gang task force headed by the obsessed Detective Williams always lurking on her heels, Sherrice runs afoul of a powerful drug lord named Rico Reed, and the men within her own crew, the GMC, resent the fact that she is in charge and are determined to see her falter. With her hulking psychopathic enforcer, Big Mo, at her side, she tries to balance her professional career with her illegal one. But when her dead fiance’s brother shows up seeking answers into his brother’s suspicious death, old feelings and secrets threaten to overcome her as she struggles to keep her head above the water. Sherrice receives a taste of her own medicine when someone in the shadows seeks to uncover her dark secrets and bring them to light. Can she stay alive and out of jail long enough to find out who is trying to bring her down? Or in the end will someone be Betrayed Again?

Product Details

Reading Level:Young Adult(Age 13+)
Cover Type:Paperback
Page Content:300 pages
Product Dimensions:8.6 x 5.8 x 0.7 inches
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About the Author

David Givens

  • Treszura

    sounds good

  • Ralph

    You have to cop this for real!!!!

  • Sharon

    I love him. His stories are always great. Its like you are in a movie. Can’t wait to get my copy.

  • Tanzania

    Man I can’t hardly wait!!! 

  • Sharron

    I’ve been waiting on this for like three years!!!  I need to know what happens.

  • Sedinayoung

    I thank someone will be betrayed again… can’t wait to read this one…..

    • AjyloveRightious123

      duhhh the title says betrayed Again .!!!

  • Sidney

    sounds like a good book.! gotta read the 1st 1 1st though

  • Kingshit

    Queen Bee be on that new/other shit!  Maybe she could get betrayed like twenty times, then we could read this same stupid fucking story over and over.  I know we trying to keep imagery all grimy and shit so, like, part one could be kinda grimy, then part 20 would be like MAD FUCKING Grimey!
    yeah sun!  like I said, that new other shit more and more, to the next episode! @triplecrownpublications:twitter

  • Tankalle25

    is there a way to read the books

  • Clintona Heywood

    I placed an order for this book since August 8, 2012 because my granddaugther keep begging me, but everytime it was out of stock now it finally came back in stock and I’m still waiting to receive it in the mail. It’s been three weeks now and still haven’t receive it, how could you be selling and running a company and don’t have a contact number or no way to track your order this really sucks. Well I hope I receive the book soon.

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