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Amongst Thieves
Quentin Carter
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Amongst Thieves

After serving 15 years in prison, Ramon Delay is back on the grimey streets of Kansas City, and the demons of his past are dragging him on a detour which may lead to a dead end. Ramon again finds himself amongst his loyal crew of thieves, who hold him down while mobbing his way to the top of one of Kansas City s most lucrative empires. But two women have their own agendas for Ramon Yawni, a 38-year-old diva with intentions of becoming wifey and Jayde, a 22-year-old sack-chaser whose seductive ploys weigh heavy on Ramon s pockets and wellbeing. After repeatedly neglecting the loyalty of his friends in pursuit of youth, fortune and fame, Ramon finds that even thieves must honor the code of the streets or pay the piper. When old friends turn to enemies and the streets greed comes calling, will Ramon realize if there is still honor Amongst Thieves?

Product Details

Reading Level:Young Adult(Age 13+)
Cover Type:Paperback
Page Content:290 pages
Product Dimensions:8.5 x 5.7 x 1.1 inches
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About the Author

Quentin Carter

  • Warren_finest

    great book read it in to day i was sad it had to end

  • Warren_finest

    great book, read it in 2 days i was sad it had to end

  • Me

    i loved this book! when i got to the end my mouth was on the floor. I would love to read a second part to this…

  • Brandi Brown

    i love this book. Read it in 2 days…..There has to be a part 2… Please Quentin Carter you can’t leave us hanging like that…………waiting patiently

  • Julius Preston

    Read this book about a month ago right before I got out of jail and I wish I had known how great of an author Quentin Carter was!

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